Hunter Hutchinson - 'What Do You Say'

I have recently been introduced to the music of Texas native singer-songwriter Hunter Hutchinson. Currently in his senior year at university, Hunter released his debut album What Do You Say in March 2015.

Distinctly influenced by 'Texas country', the album showcases a pleasantly surprising vocal and a talented group of musicians. Lead single Storm To Weather is one of the strongest on What Do You Say. The steady electric guitar and drum backing beat sets up a strong platform for the rest of the production and the catchy beat makes it very listenable. The track as a whole really seems to suit Hunter and his vocal sounds very comfortable throughout.

Storm To Weather is followed by another very strong track, Waiting On A Love Song. The slight mournful feel to the production works well with lines like "started humming softly with a heartbroken tune" and "I've got this old guitar to hold but nobody's holding me" and Hunter's deep tone rounds out the track.

Wine About It can't fail to make you chuckle when listening. The catchy, upbeat production will undoubtedly leave you tapping your foot along and I can imagine that this is a very popular track live. Hunter's vocal doesn't feel as strong here as it has in other tracks but it is still a compelling song and I am sure will be one people will listen to again and again.

The touching The Man Who Believes In Me is definitely a must-listen track. Dedicated to his father, the track is clearly very personal to Hunter and is also sure to connect with a lot of other listeners. The string arrangement is a very good production choice and the slow, soft instrumentalisation really suits the track and creates a very appealing song.

I did, however, find myself not liking the few more stereotypical 'Texas country' tracks that are included here. Album closer Texas Too, for instance, feels a little messy - this seems particularly evident as it follows The Man Who Believes In Me. What Do You Say also felt the same way and it feels as though neither song really showcases Hunter's vocals very well, which is a shame considering some of the other tracks on the album.

Track listing....

1) Dance All Night - Hunter Hutchinson, Aaron Watson, Tanner Evans
2) What Do You Say - Hunter Hutchinson, Aaron Watson
3) Storm To Weather - Hunter Hutchinson, Aaron Watson, Tanner Evans
4) Waiting On A Love Song - Hunter Hutchinson, Aaron Watson
5) She's Gone - Hunter Hutchinson, Aaron Watson
6) Summer Love Song - Hunter Hutchinson, Aaron Watson
7) Wine About It - Hunter Hutchinson, Aaron Watson, Tanner Evans
8) Lonely Lubbock Lights (feat. Aaron Watson) - Aaron Watson
9) The Man Who Believes In Me - Hunter Hutchinson, Aaron Watson
10) Texas Too - Hunter Hutchinson, Aaron Watson

What Do You Say is definitely worth a listen, there are some very strong tracks here. Hunter's deep tone is very appealing, with a slight Tim McGraw sound and the majority of this album showcases that really well. Definitely an intriguing artist!