C2C Diary: Brooke Eden

Florida native country singer-songwriter Brooke Eden released her new single Daddy's Money at the end of last year and is currently working towards the release of her debut full-length album. Fresh from playing various sets as part of this year's Country To Country Festival I caught up with Brooke and asked her some questions.

What first drew you to country music?
I was born into country music. My dad is a drummer in a country band, so my family always had country radio playing in the car and the house. Country music is in my blood and it's always felt like home to me.
How would you describe your music to a new listener?
It's country, mixed with some rock, soul, and pop. It's a roller coaster (kinda like my life) of ups, downs, highs, and lows.
What inspired you to start song-writing?
Life. When life got real, writing songs is where I turned to channel my feelings.
What is your favourite song you've ever written?
It's hard to choose just one, but one I'm really proud of is a song called "They Say." It's a song about body issues in our youth and how we all deal with it...but how we're all beautiful in our own ways. 
Do you find it harder to write your own songs or to make another writer's songs your own?
If I was forced to sing a song that someone else wrote, that I didn't feel connected to, that would be really hard. If I sing another writer's song, it's got to be a song that is real to me as well.
You've played a myriad of live shows in the past year, how do you feel this has helped you to polish your live performance?
Every show teaches you something new about yourself, your songs, and your audience. It shows you what songs relate to different audiences and how to set up a song in different ways. This is why I love performing - you may be singing the same songs every night, but every show is a completely different experience. 
How do you deal with nerves before a show?
Because I started singing at 4 years old (when a human is fearless), I never really get nerves before shows. The stage is my happy place...it's where I feel most like me.
You've just finished a run of performances as part of Country To Country Festival, how did you find the response from the audience?
The U.K. audiences were incredible! I really fell in love with London and the culture of people and the openness to music over there. I love how interactive they were after performances and how easily they soaked up the new artists. 
Can we expect to see you over in the UK regularly?
I sure hope so! 
We've heard a few individual songs from you now, can we expect a full length album soon?
Absolutely- we're recording currently and are looking at a full length album to be launched in Autumn! 

Thanks to Brooke for her time! You can find more details about her background and her music alongside tour dates on her website here. Definitely keep an eye out for more news surrounding her debut album, hopefully we won't have too long to wait before that is released and before she returns to the UK!

Credit to Joseph Llanes for the photo!