Introducing....Colleen Gormley

Country singer-songwriter Colleen Gormley will be a recognisable name to fans of TV show The Voice UK. The Irish native was the last artist to audition as part of this year's blind auditions and was welcomed on to's team. 
I was able to catch up with her ahead of her televised battle round tonight and talk about the country genre, The Voice and her own original music...

What first drew you to county music?
I have fond memories of my sisters and I doing the housework with mammy on a Saturday while daddy was out working. We would all be polishing and hoovering singing out loud to Chely Wright, Dolly and Martina McBride! 
A lot of UK readers will recognise you from The Voice, what prompted your decision to audition?
To be honest it all happened by chance. One night during the summer I decided to go and sing at an open mic night in London and after singing a few songs, a researcher from the voice approached me and asked I I would be interested in applying to audition and so the exciting journey began from there. 
How has it been working as part of Team Will?
It has been incredible and something I will cherish. It is not often an ordinary person like me gets a chance to be part of  Will. I. am's .team. Spending time with him and the other contestants, singing with the live band - it has been the most wonderful memorable experience. 
Which artist would you like to collaborate with and why?
Any American country artist from Nashville! If I had my pick Gary Le Vox from Rascal Flatts or Tim McGraw. I just absolutely love both their voices and the songs they write. 
Can we expect to hear any music released from you soon?
Yes plans are already in motion to record my first EP and I am feeling inspired to write some new songs too, so hopefully exciting times ahead. 
How would you describe your music to new listeners?
Easy listening with a light country folk twist!
If you could only ever listen to one record which would you pick?
"Humble and Kind" by Tim McGraw- most beautiful lyrics and a message for everyday life! 
What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
Musically, sing with your heart. 
Are there any tour plans in the works?
Not as of yet- but I would love to be a support act for any American country/folk artist. The dream is to one day sing at the Grand Old Opry- that is the top of my touring dream list!
Thank you to Colleen for her time! I would like to wish her the best of luck for the rest of her time on The Voice, she is definitely an artist to keep an eye on!