Demi Marriner - 'Tracks And Trails'

Described as a 'busker' and a 'daydreamer' alongside the more expected label of singer-songwriter, UK native Demi Marriner released her debut EP Tracks And Trails on April 15th.

Previously sitting on top of the UK iTunes country chart (and still comfortably within the top 20), the EP holds four tracks with, in my opinion, the strongest being Pretty. Anchored by piano and acoustic guitar lines until the drums enter at just over a minute and a half in, the track gives you a clear sense of Demi as an artist, including showing an interesting edge to her voice.

Channelling a traditional country influence, opening track C You has an infectious instrumentalisation and a lyric that feels very personal to Demi. Once again Demi's vocal seems to travel comfortably through the track and the pacey guitar line can't fail to leave you tapping your feet along.

Unfortunately, the other two tracks on the EP feel a little uncomfortable and ultimately messy. Second Hand Smoke has an interesting title and opens with a lovely smooth piano part but the drum entrance and the chorus feel discordant, leaving you as a listener wanting to skip the track a little way in which is a shame as there are certain promising aspects within it. Runaway Train is where the EP really falls down in my opinion. Demi is a promising artist but the track is uncomfortable from the outset and because of the poor production choices it feels as though Demi is having to vocally strain against the instrumentalisation.

Track listing...
1) C You
2) Runaway Train
3) Pretty
4) Second Hand Smoke

Whilst this EP is a mixed bag in terms of the strength of the tracks it doesn't take away from the fact that Demi is an intriguing addition to the UK country music scene. I'd still definitely be interested to hear how she develops as an artists, particularly once she releases a full length EP and has more songs to work with.