Lisa Redford - 'Another Place And Time'

Due to be released on April 8th, Another Place And Time is the new EP from British singer-songwriter Lisa Redford. Firmly Americana, Lisa's music lacks the grit of some of her British and American contemporaries yet has a distinct charm that will keep fans of Americana coming back.

Title track Another Place And Time has a compelling overall sound that makes the track very listenable. It has a feel that fans of Lisa's previous music will recognise, a soft instrumental acoustic accompaniment with a backing vocalist and the spotlight on Lisa's vocals. With a wistfully sad lyrical story, the track is pitched at a level that suits Lisa's tone and makes for very comfortable listening.

The intriguingly named Music And Mountains opens the EP.  The continuing guitar hook accompaniment leaves you wanting to tap your feet along to the soft, steady beat and I am sure it would be a popular part of Lisa's live set. The chorus is the strongest part of the track, with it's memorable lyrics and strong vocal harmony. Focussing around the line "You're away, with the music and the mountains, you don't see me, you don't need me any more" the track has a similar lyrical feel to Another Place And Time but is a strong choice to open the EP.

Unfortunately EP closer Worst Kind Of Love feels a little disjointed and slightly messy. It seems as though Lisa's vocal is straining against the awkward production. It's a shame as each part on it's own is quite strong, it's just the choices that have been made in blending them together don't do Lisa any justice.

Track listing...
1) Music And Mountains
2) Another Place And Time
3) Remember Me
4) Worst Kind of Love

Whilst this EP is strong and shows Lisa as a talented overall artist and that she has surrounded herself with talented musicians, the main negative is that each track does feel very similar which leaves you a little bored by the end of the EP. Lisa is certainly talented and plays to her strengths but it would be interesting to hear her play with different tempos and arrangements more. An EP for fans of  the softer side of Americana.