Ten favourite songs to introduce you to country music


As fans of country music Tara and I are always talking about new music we've discovered and our favourite artists. We recently hit upon the idea of which songs you would suggest that someone listens to in order to introduce them to country music and this article was born. Whether you've stumbled across this article and have never listened to country before or whether you're an avid listener and want to get a friend involved all the tracks should hopefully give you a good overall country feel, I hope you enjoy! 
Click the track titles for audio where available, credit to the people whose videos I've used!

The lead single from Josh's latest album, It's Your Move's waltz timing works incredibly well and the grit behind Josh's vocal really rounds out the overall track. An incredibly compelling song that will be relatable to a lot of listeners and will not fail to draw you in.

If you're going to try to get an overall feeling of country music then you should also definitely listen to some of the incredible new up-and-coming artists in my opinion. Logan is one of those artists and The Woman On Your Mind is simply an outstanding song. Paired with backing vocals from David Nail, Logan's vocal is brilliant and each part of the track creates an overall sound that really makes her mark as an artist.

From Charlie's 2013 debut album RubberbandHow I Learned To Pray is truly him at his strongest. The heartfelt emotion behind every aspect of the track is palpable and really showcases both the feeling within Charlie's vocal and the emotion that you can hear within country music as a whole. Charlie's voice has an interesting edge to it and you finish the track immediately intrigued and wanting to hear more.

Saturday Night - Jo Dee Messina
Now 16 years old this track hasn't lost it's appeal at all. Jo Dee's distinctive tone seems to slip into this track perfectly and it's a great number to turn up loud and sing along. Proving that country can produce a great rockier track too!

A track full of thought-provoking lyrics that combines with a really sincere vocal from Lee Ann. You can really just feel yourself being swept away by the song as a whole, put simply, a track that just needs to be heard.



There are a multitude of ways to approach this list: I could have gone completely classic, highlighted the 60’s or the 90’s, but I chose to begin in the present. These are five artists who have my earbuds on fire. They fall largely under that Americana umbrella (if you like to classify stuff), and infuse country, roots music and more into their songs.

Rx - Ryan Beaver
The song, from his upcoming album of the same name, is simultaneously beautiful and devastating. Powerful lyrics and an accompanying melody that brings the song to life…and me often to tears.

Pour One For The Poor One – Randy Rogers Band
The Texas band released their latest, Nothing Shines Like Neon, in January and this, the closing track is a tear in your beer song if there ever was one. Traditional country in sound and sentiment, it’s also quintessential RRB who capture truth, heart and sadness as only they can.

I cannot have any sort of positive song list without including personal favorites, Reckless Kelly. Also from Texas by way of Idaho, RK are roots rockers who have been around for twenty years and counting. They haven’t had a new record out in a few years, but theirs is the music I return to on a daily basis, and for me, never gets old. “Set Me Free” captures me in a nutshell.

I cannot pick one, because both of these ladies voices and songs move me beyond words. With two of my favorite albums from last year, Holidays & Wedding Rings and So This Is Life respectively, these women are country, singer-songwriters who capture real life and emotions in beautiful, touching songs that move your heart and soul.

The Oklahoma quintet garnered much critical acclaim for the 2015 self-titled album, and rightly so. Excellent song-craft, superb musicianship and melodies that touch your heart and your toes. This song fits the bill perfectly. Plus, their live show is beyond compare.