The Young Fables - 'Two'

Comprising Laurel Wright and Wesley Lunsford, country duo The Young Fables released their debut album Two on February 5th. Having recently been introduced to their music I am incredibly impressed by what listeners are treated to throughout this album. Airing towards the folkier side of country music, the album is definitely one for fans of artists like Kacey Musgraves and Ashley Monroe.

Laurel takes lead vocals on each of the tracks in the release, with Wesley providing backing vocals and the lead guitar line. Whilst not an album for fans of the rockier side of country music, the blend of tracks in Two feels just right and the fact that the duo have written every track (only joined by two co-writers throughout the whole of the album) means that each one feels personal to them and allows for a completely comfortable performance. 

Opening track Better Hand is a great choice to herald the album as a whole and is one of my favourite tracks. Grounded by arguably the most typically traditional country sounding instrumentalisation, the track is sure to have you tapping your foot along to the catchy beat within seconds. Interestingly contrasted by the relatively sad lyrics, the song builds a great moment within the album. Better Hand is followed by another impressive track, Paradise. With verses lead by a laid-back bluesy electric guitar hook and Laurel's voice smoothly slipping through the lyrics, you can't help but feel relaxed listening to it and also appreciate the musicianship behind it.

Worse sees the tempo picked up and more of a feature made of the electric guitar. When I first heard the punchy drum and electric guitar lines I was a little apprehensive considering the difference between the strength of rest of the album and the rhythmic and instrumental differences in Worse. Admittedly, the track does take a little while to really settle down but ultimately Worse is a strong addition to the album. The chorus' sound like the best aspect of the track which raised the question for me of how the overall track would sound if Wesley took the lead vocals (Wesley provides backing vocals in the chorus only). Laurel delivers a great lead vocal throughout the album however, possibly due to her softer voice, the verses don't feel as comfortable here as in other tracks whereas it would be interesting to hear Wesley's deeper tone against the production of the track, perhaps something for the duo to consider in future releases.

Whilst the album as a whole is very impressive, the real gem is The Road Home. The simple opening is sure to give you goosebumps and the song delivers on all that it promises during that opening. With absolutely nowhere to hide vocally, both Laurel and Wesley shine and really make you sit up and take notice of their talent. The Road Home is full of emotive, descriptive lyrics that really draw you in and nothing highlights this more than opening line "I drove up that old county road to the place where I'm from, just to bring back memories that I made when I was young". Definitely a track you can easily listen to again and again, a stand-out moment.

Track listing...
1) Better Hand - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford, Judy Gladden
2) Paradise Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford
3) Completely - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford
4) September - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford
5) The Road Home - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford, Bernard Gladden
6) Two - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford, Judy Gladden
7) Bed Of Roses - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford
8) I Love Him Too - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford
9) Worse - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford
10) Isn't Enough - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford
11) A Lifetime - Laurel Wright, Wes Lunsford

The Young Fables should without a doubt be very happy with what they have released here. Two is a brilliant introduction to their music and I am sure they will draw fans to them through these songs. As I mentioned before, this isn't an album for fans of rockier country music but I would definitely recommend it to fans of folk or music with a more traditional country sound. The duo are definitely a welcome addition to country music, I'm excited to see how they develop!