Gary Quinn - 'I Remember'

Set to be released on September 2nd, I Remember is the new EP from Irish native Gary Quinn. Featuring five tracks, I Remember is Gary's second EP and comes three years after the release of his debut full length album.

The second track from I Remember, Shame, has been been released as the EP's lead single. When I first listened to it I thought it lacked the spark that some of Gary's songs hold but the more I listened to it the more I felt the track grow on me. It ultimately doesn't hold the appeal of tracks like He Don't Show Her Anymore from Gary's debut album but that still doesn't make it a poor track. The chorus in particular is one of the catchiest parts of a track that has already received a lot of positive comments. With a solid, drum led production, the track holds enough of a pace to stop it feeling boring but also manages to pull back from overpowering Gary's distinct tone. Still a strong track at it's core but didn't really wow me.

Lyrically there is an immediate comparison that jumps to mind between First Glance and the Jon Stone/Phil Barton/Johnny Bulford track A Woman Like You (released by Lee Brice), however Gary delivers the sentiment in his own unique way. Whilst the relatively upbeat instrumentalisation feels a little unexpected compared to the lyrics it works surprisingly well as a whole, particularly with the inclusion of the female backing vocals in each chorus. First Glance is definitely the strongest track on the EP in my opinion with it's clever instrumental and lyrical juxtaposition, listenable quality and incredibly relatable lyrics, I hope we get to ultimately see it released as a single.

Track listing...
1) Body Language
2) Shame
3) First Glance
4) Each Night You Lie 
5) Best Man Won

Unfortunately it feels a little like the EP format might have worked against Gary here. Each of the five tracks here are strong however I Remember is lacking an emotive gem of a song to really draw you in as Gary has done so well with other tracks in the past - possibly due to the lack of room to explore different song ideas. It will be interesting to hear what happens with song choices in future releases, particularly once we get to hear Gary's next full-length album. 

Whilst I wasn't completely wowed, this is not to say that this EP isn't worth a listen - not one for fans of rockier country but Gary is a talented storyteller and definitely knows what suits him in terms of the overall song arrangement, Gary still continues to prove he is a welcome addition to the UK country music scene, I'm interested to see the response this EP will receive once it is formally released at the end of this week.