Zack Dyer - "Silverado Signature Songwriter Series, Vol. 1'

The name Zack Dyer is, admittedly, one I had not heard of before he was announced as one of Silverado Records newest signings. Upon further research I was interested to learn that he actually auditioned as part of 2015's American Idol, has various YouTube videos (including this very impressive 'Humble & Kind' cover) and also just happens to be a freelance film-maker.

The thing that really brought him firmly to my attention was the release of his new EP as part of the 'Silverado Signature Songwriter Series'. Released on January 13th the EP holds four tracks, each co-written by Zack and is certainly a strong introduction to him as both a singer and song-writer.

Whilst the EP as a whole is very impressive, the strongest track is certainly Heartland. The laid-back musical vibe sits soundly within Zack's range and definitely suits his tone. Definitely one I have listened to a multitude of times already, Heartland merges hints of both Kip Moore and Jake Owen to create a unique and distinctly appealing overall sound. With the main beat of the song coming courtesy of a solid drum beat, the song has an undeniably catchy production and everything comes together in a way that is sure to draw listeners in and keep them coming back for more.

Another impressive moment is EP closer Wishful Drinking. With an intriguing title, the poignant track leaves nowhere to hide vocally and Zack rises to the challenge. With the overall instrumentalisation providing a depth to the song that compliments the emotive lyrics, Wishful Drinking comfortably blends delicate vocal emotion and musical strength to create a very strong track that has already been embraced by a lot of listeners.

EP opener All American is Zack's take on a love song. Channelling a 'poppier' overall sound, the track holds one of the heaviest productions on the EP but, thankfully, this is smartly kept from overpowering Zack's vocals. As the EP opener this is the first song most new listeners will hear from Zack and is sure to intrigue listeners and encourage them to listen to the rest of the EP. One that I imagine gets a strong response from a live audience, All American is a track that merges an upbeat poppy instrumentalisation with sweetly touching lyrics and does it well.

Track listing....
1) All American - Zack Dyer, Aaron Chesling
2) Heartland - Zack Dyer, Tony Winkler, Kevin Klein
3) P.O.S - Zack Dyer, Aaron Chesling, Tony Winkler, Mitch Mollahan
4) Wishful Drinking - Zack Dyer, Aaron Chesling, Tony Winkler, Mitch Mollahan

Even though this release only has four tracks, Silverado Signature Songwriter Series, Vol. 1 is undoubtedly a very impressive EP. I'm certainly interested to hear how Zack develops as both a singer and song-writer and would definitely like to hear a full album from him in the future. I would urge everyone to listen to this EP from a distinctly promising artist.