Megan & The Common Threads - "Stories To Tell"

IMG_7950.jpgIntriguingly described as weaving "a unique tapestry of country, blues, folk, funk and rock'n'roll with their distinctive Celt-icana sound", British country group Megan & The Common Threads are set to release their first EP together as a group on February 24th. Funded through a Pledge Music campaign and entitled Stories To Tell, the EP sees the coming together of the talented Megan O'Neill (click here for a past interview with Megan) with an equally talented band in the form of The Common Threads and builds upon the sound which fans will have already have been able to hear live.

The EP's title track is also one of the strongest track offered here. Stories To Tell is a bittersweet story complimented by a soaring fiddle line and soft, solid drum beat. The relatively simple production behind the song means that more can be made of the vocal and Megan's performance doesn't disappoint. Augmented by slick harmonising from The Common Threads, she delivers a heartfelt vocal and listeners will find that the distinctive edge to her tone definitely adds an extra dynamic to the track.

Sitting comfortably as the EP closer, the real stand-out number on the release is Awake In To The Light. With a similar overall production level to Stories To Tell but even more of a focus on the tight harmonies and overall musicianship, I can really imagine Awake In To The Light being readily embraced by both all audiences, within live performances or not. The track is opened by a couple of seconds of a capella from Megan and I would actually make a point of saying it's a shame that this wasn't build upon further, it would have created a real goose-bump moment. Conversely, the overall vocal package is definitely the strongest in the EP, a really lovely song from start to finish!

Opening track London City Ghosts has an undoubtedly catchy melody that belies the dark edge to the lyrics. Whereas there was always a chance that this could sound a little odd, in the case of London City Ghosts the contrast works really well. Lead by a punchy drum line that leaves you tapping your feet along almost immediately and, whilst the track is relatively long, it is created in such a way that you end up feeling intrigued by the overall sound and eager to continue through the rest of the EP.

Track listing....
1) London City Ghosts
2) Blessing Or A Curse
3) Walls
4) Devil & The Deep
5) Stories To Tell
6) Awake In To The Light

Having followed Megan as a solo artist over the past few years I was intrigued to hear how that translated into this different environment but the whole EP works very well. The group have a distinctive style (I actually think the description of them as "Celt-icana" works quite well!) and this EP promises a lot for future releases. A welcome addition to British country music, I'd urge everyone to take the time to listen to Stories To Tell in it's entirety and would also recommend seeing the group live if possible. Well done to all involved!