6 years of Hitting All The Right Notes!

Today marks the sixth birthday of my lovely site! (and St David's Day so Happy St David's Day everybody!) As a special commemorative article I have contacted some of the artists who have been kind enough to give their time to be interviewed over the past six years and asked them to let me know where they were and what they were doing six years ago. Read on for all the details....


American Young

Jon Stone: Hi Kasey!!! I was working everyday on writing the best song I could possibly write. Rascal Flatts had cut one of my all time favorite songs "Me & My Gang" a couple years prior and then Kenny Chesney had cut "Seven Days" one of my other favourite songs. 

Kristy Osmunson: Hey Kasey!! Congratulations on your site turning six!!! Six years ago, I was in a duo called Bomshel. I was holding my breath to see if we would be nominated for an ACM. And we were! And we went up against another song I co wrote, called "Cheater Cheater" that my friends Joey and Rory put out...needless to say, it was a surreal spring of 2011.

Megan O'Neill

This time 6 years I was studying Psychology at University College Dublin and living the student life in the Irish capital! Music was certainly a huge part of my life back then (as it is now still obviously!) and I was in my 3rd year of a scholarship program with the UCD Choral Scholars. The Choral Scholars was an amazing choir to be a part of and taught me so much of what I know as a singer - thanks Des! Roll on 6 years and I've been living in London 3 years already - man, now I feel old!'

Kristian Bush

Six years ago, we had just released The Incredible Machine, and one of my favourite memories from that two-year tour was coming to the UK in early 2011 to introduce the album to everyone across the pond. I remember riding in the back of a black cab and filming an acoustic performance of “Every Girl Like Me” while we zipped through the London streets. I remember how amazing it felt to meet so many fans who lived so far away from our home in Atlanta, but who had been holding us up from afar. Most of all I remember hearing “Stuck Like Glue” on BBC Radio, and just about falling out I was so excited. I have been fortunate to come back to the UK several times since then with my own solo music, but that trip was something special I will never forget.

Gwen Sebastian

In February of 2011 I was out on the road touring the United States with my band. We were doing over 200 dates per year. Yikes!

Logan Brill

Six years ago I had just signed my first publishing deal as a songwriter in Nashville. I was finishing school and writing during the week and touring on the weekends. I remember trying to fit gear, luggage and five band members in the back of my small SUV and driving from gig to gig. Some of my best road stories come from that year of touring!

Jesse Terry

Six years ago I started touring full time and making records. My first job out of college was writing songs professionally on music row in Nashville, which was a great experience, but I always had a yearning to perform and get out on the road. That was real pivotal year in my life. I met my love in the South Pacific, got married that same year and sold pretty much everything I owned (besides the guitars of course). My wife, dog and I left Nashville and just toured. We didn’t have an apartment or anything. We just travelled and made music anywhere we could. Somehow we made it through that first year. It was one of the best and most challenging years of my life. We had so little money that we were forced to camp all over America, which was usually beautiful and exciting. I saw so much of America that I’d never seen before; we explored the whole east coast and Florida, drove cross-country and toured through the Rockies, toured through the massive states of Montana and Wyoming, headed up to the Pacific Northwest, took the Pacific Coast Highway down the California coast and finally came back through the great Southwest. Those beautiful pictures in my mind are really what have stayed with me and I wouldn’t change anything about the journey. I think if you really want something, sometimes you have to put all of your eggs in one basket, be fearless and just go for it. I don’t believe in a back-up plan, at least not in a music career. Things are a bit easier now for us and we usually stay at hotels or motels (and we have an apartment!). We’re not wealthy by any means, but it feels good to do what you love for a living, and to know that you created something out of nothing. Whenever I think of that first year of touring, I can’t help but smile. And there’s a little part of me that wishes we could re-live that crazy year all over again.

Jamie Floyd

In 2011, I had my first major artist cut, a song called "Once," by the legendary Ronnie Dunn. The song appeared as one of the only songs he did not write on his debut solo album entitled "Ronnie Dunn".


Whether they are included this article or not I would like to take this time to thank every single artist (and their teams!) who have given their time in any way over the past six years. You have all made such a difference to this site and I'm thrilled to be able to consider some of you friends. Thank you of course goes to you amazing readers as well for sticking with me! Here's to many more years!

Credit to Dragon Photography for the photo of American Young!