Introducing....Sarah Darling

Fresh from the release of her PledgeMusic funded latest album Dream Country and her latest UK tour I was recently able to catch up with country singer-songwriter Sarah Darling and ask her some questions....

Your new album was entirely Pledge Music-funded, do you feel that has increased the connection between you and your fans?

Doing a Pledge campaign really connection me with my fans in a more personal way! I felt during the entire process of recording "Dream Country", I wanted to make sure everyone was on cloud nine when they listened to it. There's something about knowing others care enough to be part of the ride that inspires you to new levels.

What was the hardest song to write?

The hardest track to write was "Halley's Comet". Not for what it says, but sometimes it makes me emotional on stage playing it. It's written with my grandfather in mind, who was my biggest fan and always had words of wisdom. He's since passed away but I always imagine him telling me to never give up on my dreams.

How was the process of creating the album? Did you find it all came together quite easily?

Making the album was challenging because I was making all the decisions on everything! You can second guess yourself, but I truly think that's where the magic happens. I allowed myself to be heard in the process and tell my story. Most of the songs I had already written and knew I wanted to record on the dreamy inspired record!

Which song would you say has been the most widely embraced?

Absolutely "Where Cowboys Ride" is the most organically loved. I think that I really connect with writing about places that I've been and taking my fans on a journey. This one happens to be to Wyoming!

How do you feel you've developed as an artist since your first release?

I consider everything I do a journey! I'm a completely different artist than when I started. I feel like the further I've gone, the more comfortable I am in my own skin. There's also a sense of peace knowing you are driving in your own lane and that's what makes you unique. I'm grateful for everything that has lead me to here.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have been more vocal on what I wanted on other projects. Sometimes when you are young and hungry, you can let other people make decisions on your behalf. It's about trusting your own intuition.

What is the best piece of advice you've received?

Best advice is to enjoy the entire journey climbing up the mountain! Also being yourself is a great piece of advice.

You've now played a considerable amount of shows in the UK, how has the response been? Has it changed at all?

Playing in the UK has been truly fulfilling. There's a sense of appreciation for the songs that I write and I always leave feeling like I want to create more for everyone! I feel like that's what it's all about for me anyway. Also everyone listens and hangs on every word.

You've been a part of two 'in the round' style tours in the UK and Europe now, what do you feel is the appeal behind that format?

The format is so magical, I think it allows the listener to hear the story behind the track in a very intimate way. That way they become more emotionally attached. I will always keep the round format in my touring future!

Thanks to Sarah for her time! I'm sure we will see her back in the UK soon but until then keep an eye on her website for all the details on her music and any tour dates.