Christmas time!

Merry Christmas!

It's that time of year again! Christmas fast approaches and it's time for me to say a few thank-yous....

Being able to interview artists has long been one of my favourite parts of running my lovely site and this year has been no exception. A huge thank you has to go out to both the artists themselves and their teams who have all been incredibly helpful in organising these interviews and made each one a lot of fun. There have been some amazing moments and I'm excited to see what the next year will bring!
  • Canaan Smith - link
  • Temecula Road - link
  • Roanoke - link
  • Michael Logen - link
  • Aubrey Wollett - link
  • Cam - link
  • Morgan Evans - link
  • Mo Pitney - link
  • Jo Smith - link
  • Angaleena Presley - link
  • Shelly Fairchild - link
  • Sarah Darling - link
  • Jillian Jacqueline - link
  • Tom Douglas - link
  • Gwen Sebastian - link
Writing with Tara from over the past year has, as always, been a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoy reading our 'Ten favourite....' articles as well as our CMA Award themed articles (stay tuned for our albums of the year list coming very soon!). Do make sure to check out Tara's site - if you haven't already! - and keep an eye out for more articles as we venture into 2018.

And of course this whole site wouldn't have come about without my parents who are completely responsible for starting off my love of country music and being super supportive of everything I'm trying to do here :)

Unbelievably the site's all-time readership has more than doubled over the past year - the little site that could! - this is completely crazy and I honestly can't thank all of you readers enough. I hope you have enjoyed the articles over the past year and whether you have found new music or cemented your love of an artist you already know I hope you have been drawn to at least one of the articles over the past year. I'm already planning some exciting things for 2018, see you there!