Walker McGuire - "Walker McGuire"

Track listing....
1) Mysteries Of The World - Johnny McGuire, Jordan Walker, Chris Dubois, Brent Anderson
2) Lost - Jordan Walker, Justin Wilson, Kristian Bush
3) 'Til Tomorrow - Jordan Walker, Johnny McGuire, Brian Carper, Trey Matthews
4) 18 Forever - Jordan Walker, Marc Beeson, Andrew Albert
5) Best Kinda Bad - Jordan Walker, Johnny McGuire, Brian Carper

Released on January 12th, Walker McGuire is the eponymous debut EP from Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire. Holding five tracks each co-written by the duo, the EP stands as a strong introduction to their music.

Mysteries Of The World opens the EP with it's sweet lyrics, subtle production and heartfelt vocal performance. The duo both have quite distinctive tones but they sit comfortably within the track, taking the listener along with them through a track that leaves a very strong first impression. The only negative feeling I was left with after listening was that it feels like the chorus slightly loses the natural finesse that is apparent throughout the verses which is a shame - seemingly Mysteries Of The World could have benefited from channelling more of the subtle style that it opens with.

The reminiscent 18 Forever will undoubtedly become a favourite of a lot of listeners. Lyrically highly relatable, the track is led by a solid drum line that will leave you tapping your feet along and the overall production comes together really well. At it's core, 18 Forever is a song that I could certainly see as a future single, it has a distinctly listenable quality and is a track I have already listened to multiple times.

Generally Walker McGuire is a strong EP however, after a few listens, it feels a little sonically repetitive which takes some of the shine away. Lost, for instance, has a lot of promise but unfortunately feels a little too production heavy and ultimately a little messy. It's a shame as the song has a sweet premise and a strong lyrical message however the various parts of it struggle to come together smoothly and it is a little too similar to the rest of the EP to really stand out.

Both Johnny and Jordan have strong, confident voices and it would be interesting to see them work with more stripped back tracks in the future, there are scattered instances of softer production throughout the EP and it is in those that the duo's vocals and harmonies are really allowed to shine. Whilst this EP hasn't completely blown me away, Walker McGuire are certainly a duo to keep an eye on!