[ARCHIVE] Launching What's Playing Wednesdays!

Welcome to What's Playing Wednesdays! Every week I will be posting a short blurb about one of the songs that I've found myself playing on repeat that particular week. It may be years old or may be the newest release but it will always be country. I turned to hit Nashville song-writer Tom Douglas to help me kick off this feature and you can find his pick below.

Humble & Kind
Artist - Tim McGraw
Song-writer - Lori McKenna

I love the fact that this song started as a mother's prayer for her children. I know the writer Lori McKenna and have heard her story behind this song...after dropping the kids off at school - with a few hours to herself - she sat down at the kitchen table one cold and snowy Massachusetts morning, poured her second cup of Dunking Donuts coffee (that's what they drink in "The Bay State"!) and started scribbling a few lines. The motivation behind the song (I think) is if your children were leaving home and you might not ever see them again and you had three minutes to tell them everything...here it is. 
"There's a light by the front door" - no matter what, you can always come home
"Don't cheat, don't steal, don't lie" - let the truth be your companion
"Bitterness will keep you from flying" - they say unforgivingness is like drinking poison and thinking the rat will die
Lastly "feel the pride" in your work and the God given gifts you have been given - but accept them with humility. Always stay Humble And Kind...one of my favourite songs!!

Tom Douglas

Huge thanks to Tom for helping me launch this new feature!
I hope you'll come back every Wednesday and see what I've been listening to that week, whether you find new music or are re-introduced to old favourites.