Kristian Bush - 'Summertime Six Pack'

Track listing....
1) Dashboard Hula Girl
2) Coppertone and Chlorine
3) Bar With A Pool In It
4) In Between Disasters
5) Everybody Needs Their Beach
6) Flip Flops

31st May saw the release of Kristian Bush's latest project, EP Summertime Six Pack. A mixture of tracks that some listeners may know already and some may not, the EP oozes an infectious summer vibe that will certainly keep you coming back for more.

It has been almost a year and a half since I first heard Bar With A Pool In It and I have been eagerly awaiting a studio version since that point. The laid-back vibe will have you tapping your feet right from the start whilst the clever lyrics will leave you smiling. A song that you will undoubtedly want to enjoy time and time again, Kristian sounds completely comfortable and the melodic lines weave around his vocals effortlessly. Each part of the track comes together to create a really enjoyable listening experience.

Sugarland fans may recognise the backing vocalist on In Between Disasters, vocals provided by longtime Sugarland band member Annie Clements. Annie and Kristian's vocals compliment each other really well (I'd love to hear more!). Arguably the softest track on the EP, In Between Disasters offers a chilled outlook on summertime but, just as with Bar With A Pool In It, you will inevitably be left tapping your feet along to the catchy melody.

Dan Tyminski is a name that may not be immediately recognised however he lends his vocal to Everybody Needs Their Beach. The vocal blend doesn't feel as effortless as in In Between Disasters however it still seems to largely work well. Whilst all the lyrics throughout the EP are strong, an evident feature is the 'summertime' melodic feel, something that is also true here.

Kristian has another great release here (check out my review of his debut solo album here if you haven't already!). Full of summertime escapism, Summertime Six Pack offers a collection of songs that fit together well and showcase Kristian at his best. A great addition to any summer play-list!