What's Playing Wednesdays

Welcome to What's Playing Wednesdays! Every week I will be posting a short blurb about one of the songs that I've found myself playing on repeat that particular week. It may be years old or may be the newest release but it will always be country.

On A Roll
Artist - Sugarland
Released - Bigger

The compelling overall sound of "Bigger" has made it an album I have been listening to regularly over, not just the past week, but the past two weeks. It has a myriad of strong songs however I actually found myself drawn to "On A Roll" in particular this past week. Whilst relatively not the strongest song, "On A Roll" has distinctly memorable qualities and feels like a great choice to turn up loud and sing along to. Whilst the short 'rap' doesn't quite work, "On A Roll" is rounded out by some clever lyrics and a catchy rhythm and is generally a very strong addition to the album.

I hope you'll come back every Wednesday and see what I've been listening to that week, whether you find new music or are re-introduced to old favourites.


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